T-SMILE CLUB membership agreement
This agreement is an agreement to use each service of T-SMILE CLUB provided by TECHNOSMILE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "TECHNOSMILE When registering as a member, please agree to the contents of this agreement before registering as a member.

Article 1 (Definition)
T-SMILE CLUB is a general term for each club operated by TECHNOSMILE
→ TSTEC (TECHNOSMILE Technologies Engineer Club)
→ TSAC (TECHNOSMILE Asian Smile Club)

Article 2 (Member)
Customers can use the membership service (hereinafter referred to as "membership service") corresponding to the customer's application at T-SMILE CLUB in accordance with the conditions set TECHNOSMILE Membership services include incentive programs such as points. The contents and terms of use of the program shall be as set forth in the terms TECHNOSMILE

Article 3 (Membership registration)
1. If you agree to this agreement and complete the prescribed registration procedure, a contract containing the provisions of this agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") will be established between TECHNOSMILE You can qualify for. The member registration procedure must be done by the member himself / herself. Customers who have obtained membership qualifications based on this article are hereinafter referred to as "members".
2. TECHNOSMILE is one and the membership has been canceled in the past Other TECHNOSMILE may be refused for a membership application from a person who is determined that there is not suitable.
3. During the registration procedure, please carefully check the input precautions and fill in the required items in the prescribed form. Please register with true and accurate information. TECHNOSMILE shall not be liable for any damages caused to the customer due to falsehood, error or omission of the information, except when the intention or negligence of TECHNOSMILE..

Article 4 (Management of ID and password)
The ID and password for using the account must be managed by the member himself / herself, for example by periodically changing the ID and password so that they are not known to others. TECHNOSMILE will be deemed to have been used by the member if it is confirmed by the prescribed method that the combination of ID and password entered or used matches that registered by the member. Even if a third party other than the member uses the member's account due to circumstances of theft, unauthorized use, and others, TECHNOSMILE shall not be liable for any damage caused by them except for cases where intentional or negligent act is deemed to be acknowledged.

Article 5 (Change of registration information)
If there is a change in the information registered as a member (hereinafter referred to as “registration information”), please change the registration information promptly. Regarding damages caused to the member by not changing the registration information, TECHNOSMILE has no responsibility except for the case where no intentional or negligence act of TECHNOSMILE is recognized, .

Article 6 (Notice by TECHNOSMILE
TECHNOSMILE to members regarding member services, sending an email to the email address in the latest registration information, posting on the website operated by TECHNOSMILE Other TECHNOSMILE is judged to be appropriate. Do it by the method you do.
2. Membership, TECHNOSMILE If you have made a notification by e-mail sending, in the preceding paragraph of the email address TECHNOSMILE when member transmitted by the e-mail has become viewable the mail or TECHNOSMILE sends an e-mail You agree in advance that the notification from TECHNOSMILE will be deemed to have arrived 24 hours later, whichever comes first.

Article 7 (Handling of personal information)
TECHNOSMILE will handle the personal information acquired by members regarding the use of membership services TECHNOSMILE 's privacy policy (https://tsmileclub.com/privacy_policy).

Article 8 (Prohibited matters)
1. When using the member service, the member shall not perform any of the acts specified in the following items or any acts that may cause such acts.
1) Acts that violate laws, court decisions, decisions or orders, or legally binding administrative measures
2) Acts that harm public order or good morals
3) Providing benefits to antisocial forces and Other cooperative acts
4) Acts that infringe the rights, interests, honor, etc. of TECHNOSMILE
5) Acts of impersonating a third party or intentionally sending false information
6) Unauthorized collection, disclosure, or provision of personal information Other
7) unauthorized access act, the act of using a third-party account, the act of creating or have multiple accounts, Other similar to these Acts
8) Acts that induce malfunction of member services
9) The act of using, creating, or distributing an external tool that causes the member service to use an unintended bug or has an unintended effect.
10) Excessive burden on membership services or TECHNOSMILE
11) Sending or disseminating harmful programs such as computer viruses to TECHNOSMILE or a third party
12) Acts that violate this agreement or violate the purpose of the membership service
13) Other acts that TECHNOSMILE
Other dispose of any rights and obligations such as the account and the status of this contract to a third party.

Article 9 (suspension of use, cancellation of membership, etc.)
1. If TECHNOSMILE will suspend the use of member services by the member, suspend the account, change the ID and password, or change the ID and password without prior notice. It shall be possible to take measures such as revocation of the membership of the member concerned. Even if this causes any disadvantage or damage to the member TECHNOSMILE shall not be liable at all unless the intention or negligence of TECHNOSMILE
1) When a member violates laws and regulations or this agreement
2) When a member commits a fraudulent act regarding the use of member services
3) When it is necessary to ensure the security of the member, such as when the password is entered incorrectly more than a certain number of times.
4) When it is judged that Other TECHNOSMILE
2. In addition to the preceding paragraph, members TECHNOSMILE If you did not log in a certain number of times within a certain period of time established by the, TECHNOSMILE. We may be set forth in the preceding paragraph prescribed measures without prior notice ..

Article 10 (Membership withdrawal and termination of this contract)
1. Members can terminate this contract at any time by following the withdrawal procedure prescribed TECHNOSMILE
2. If this contract is terminated due to the withdrawal procedure set forth in the preceding paragraph or for any reason, the member will not be able to use the account and member services at all immediately. TECHNOSMILE had in connection with Member Services at that time will be extinguished, and Members will not be able to make any claims against TECHNOSMILE However, if the member has TECHNOSMILE before the termination of this contract, the debt will not be extinguished and the member TECHNOSMILE immediately after the termination of this contract. It shall not be.
TECHNOSMILE will not be available if the withdrawal procedure is performed, and the member shall withdraw after confirming the precautions etc. before completing the procedure. increase.

Article 11 (Change, suspension, termination, etc. of member services)
1. TECHNOSMILE may change or add all or part of the contents of the Member Service at its discretion without notifying the Member in advance.
2. TECHNOSMILE may terminate the provision of Member Services at the discretion of TECHNOSMILE by notifying the members in advance by the method prescribed in Article 5.
3. TECHNOSMILE may temporarily suspend all or part of the member service without notifying the member in advance in the cases specified in the following items.
1) For regular or urgent system maintenance or repair
2) When the load is concentrated on the system due to excessive access, etc.
3) When it becomes necessary to ensure the security of TECHNOSMILE
4) When it is difficult to provide member services due to communication line outages, natural disasters, fires, power outages, Other unexpected accidents or wars, conflicts, turmoil, riots, labor disputes, etc.
5) When it is judged that Other TECHNOSMILE
4. TECHNOSMILE shall not be liable for any damages caused to Members as a result of the measures taken by TECHNOSMILE in accordance with this Article, except when the intention or negligence of TECHNOSMILE

Article 12 (Denial of Warranty and Disclaimer)
1. Members must be free from errors, bugs, glitches or security flaws in the incentive programs, content Other TECHNOSMILE TECHNOSMILE does not make any guarantees about having the expected properties and compliance with applicable laws and regulations for members, and that member services will be provided as is at the time of member service provision. However, you agree to this and use the membership service at your own risk.
2. TECHNOSMILE guarantees the authenticity, accuracy, up-to-dateness, usefulness, reliability, legality, and non-infringement of the rights of third parties regarding the services available in the member's account. Even if damages occur in connection with the use of the service, TECHNOSMILE shall not be liable at all unless the intention or negligence of TECHNOSMILE
3. TECHNOSMILE is the normal and direct scope of the Member's actual use of Member Services in connection with the Member's use of the Member Services, TECHNOSMILE We will only compensate for the damages in the above, and we will not be liable for any damages caused by special circumstances (including cases where the occurrence of damages is foreseen or could be foreseen).

Article 13 (Revision of this agreement, etc.)
1. TECHNOSMILE may revise this agreement at any time, and additional provisions, conditions, etc. may be stipulated in this agreement. Amendments to these Terms, provisions, additions of conditions, etc. shall take effect when posted on the website designated TECHNOSMILE
2. TECHNOSMILE transfers the business related to membership services to a third party, or transfers it by merger or company split, etc., and transfers the status, rights and obligations under this contract to the transferee, etc. of the transfer, etc. Suppose you can. The member agrees in advance about such transfer, etc.

Article 14 (Governing law, consensus jurisdiction)
The terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with Japanese law. In the event that a lawsuit is filed for these terms and conditions, the Fukuoka District Court or the Fukuoka Summary Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court of the first instance.